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Iceland Project (engl.)

written by blog.infotexte
at 10:20 pm
on März 28, 2007
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in general:
= name of Dr Kari Stefansson’s genetic research experiment
why Iceland? + hardly any immigration since the Celts + Norsemen settled Iceland in the 9th century a.d.
=> experts call it Icelands genetic isolation

the experiment itself:
attempt to create a gene pool/collection (Datenbasis) of the entire country
in addition to make it possible to trace Icelanders ancestries back more than 1000 years,
Dr Stefansson is going to research the genes to provide cures (Heilmittel) + medicine
of course he expects lots of profits from medications + new drugs => that’s why… founded cpy „deCode“
lucky, 1998 parliament accepted plan of building large set of anonymous genetic information of Icelanders
<=> ran into problems; lost Supreme Court’s favor when he tried to sell data to foreign pharma company
=> consequences: – lost confidence (Vertrauen) + no longer permission to citizen’s records (s.2003)
– stocks have fallen => lack of money for further investments
but research did not stop because there are enough people taking part in the experiment voluntarily to support him by granting their medical records
according to deCode 90% approve (accept) the project; only 10% call it into question
so much for the company, …

now a short overview of the method disease-related genes are detected: You have to find some people with the disease and see how their DNA differs from the DNA of healthy people.
Although the genes itselves do not cause an illness they make one more susceptible (vulnerable)
By this method scientists found out: porters of the gene LTA4H turn out to be 40% more likely than others to have heart attacks => highly recommended to take prospective drugs (vorsorglich). in this case the experiment even has lifesaving effects.
=> So it can tell you whether you are at risk and gives you the opportunity to respond.
There are already medications for preventing asthma, too
however, often no drugs are available.
=> in this case they can tell you that you have a disease gene but it is currently invaluable


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